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Infrared ultrasound fat reduction device picture

infrared ultrasound Fat reduction device used 5-10min in the morning and night . Eliminates fat and converts it into water . 

25 steel bones picture

25 steel bones latex waist Trainer corset 

Facial solutions picture

all type skin solutions for women in all ages , anti aging products and skin brightning products  . Day and night Routine combo 

Gold collagen anti-wrinkle peel off mask picture

Removes access dirt and impurities, leaves skin feeling Fresh and soft . Apply on clean Dry face 

Facial and body olive seeds exfoliation picture

Facial and body scrub for Deep cleansing, apply on wet face or body , rub Generously and rinse off . 

Glow tea picture

1.Helps in Fighting inflammation 
2.Boosts digestion 
3.Helps in removing Toxins 
4.Strengthens immune system 
5.Gives you a Days ene…

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Glow tea 100ml bottle picture

Measure your buds with a T-spoon in a cup , add a slice of Lemon and honey for Taste . 

Vitamic c body butter picture
Morning glory clitoria tea picture

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