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We offer all Skin type cosmetics range for both male and female and slimming products and solutions. 


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infrared ultrasound Fat reduction device used 5-10min in the morning and night . Eliminates fat and converts it into water . 

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Fat burner cream with a burning sensation, helps burn fat at the comfort of your home . apply Generously around the waist 

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All skin type unise facial care products , Day and night routine combo 

Facial Mask 

face and body exfoliation 

Day lotion 

night see…

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25 steel bones latex waist Trainer corset 

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all type skin solutions for women in all ages , anti aging products and skin brightning products  . Day and night Routine combo 

Gold collagen anti-wrinkle peel off mask picture

Removes access dirt and impurities, leaves skin feeling Fresh and soft . Apply on clean Dry face 


Beauty and cosmetics shop that services both Female and Male , The company is 100% woman owned and operates from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday . Company is based in KwaZulu Natal Durban and courier/ shipping options available world wide . Combining Magical experiences by bring out your beauty inside …

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